ISTD Fakery

The ISTD brief for this project was entitled ‘Fakery’. Seeing as the project commenced as the run-up to the IMF’s bailout of Ireland picked up pace I was inspired to create a book for Irish readers of ‘The Economist’ magazine which examined the truth and lies of those in power and how their actions had lead us to this point.


This project was entered into the student assesment in November
2011 and was subsequently awarded a pass grade in April 2011.

This Project was exhibited in the Insititute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) ‘The Best of Graduate Design’ show at the NCAD Gallery in September/November 2011 and was shortlisted for an award.


Size: 64pp 190mm x 260mm
Print: Laser printer in college.
Stock: 200gsm Daler-Rowney uncoated cartridge and 80gsm laser paper body 150gsm Caslon crimson cover
Binding: Hand stitched and bound with PVA glue late into the night